Systems Thinking and the Human Brain

A new paradigm in mind and brain sciences


Anything that has multiple parts which work collectively to reach common goals has to be driven by a system. Such multiple parts cannot work independently and still reach common goals.

This simple and fundamental fact is not taken into consideration by scientists, who study various aspects of human brain in greatest of details, but do not see it as one integrated system. …more

Neuroscience 2.0

Adding Causation to Correlation


Human brain is acknowledged to be the most complex structure known to the mankind. Technology has advanced to such levels in the recent years that it has helped the mankind learn more about it in the last two decades than in the entire human history.

One of the biggest contributors for such progress …more

Causal Approach

Simple, Reliable and Conclusive


The typical scientific approach to understand how the brain works is by debating and forming opinions based on ideas and observations. As all of them are based on perceptions, which can be distorted by many factors, they differ from person to person, making it difficult to understand how they work conclusively. …more