Superiority Bias

As per Wikipedia, superiority bias is when people think too much of themselves by overrating their positive qualities and abilities without good reasons.

lang and memory

Following is the first ever explanation of its purpose and how such inter-generation mechanism works based on the process of natural selection. 

Superiority Bias is an instinct that is hard-wired in the brains of every human being in varying degrees to have the opinion that whatever he/she does and possesses is of a superior nature than others, without any connection to the reality.

Relation between heart and mind

As it is hard-wired in the unconscious part of the brain, superiority bias reaches a person as an inner feeling. Even when a person has no sign of such bias in his conscious mind, his thoughts are influenced by it. As its origin is not known, it is not easy to avoid its effect.

It is so deeply rooted in human minds, there are people who feel superior for the very reason they don’t feel superior, when most people they meet do.

Like other mechanisms that are hard-wired in the non-conscious part of the brain, superiority bias is a result of thousands of generations of evolutionary design.

The reason for the process of natural selection to hard-wire such bias is its optimizing aspect, which is explained below:

The biggest hurdle to optimize interactions of a person can be his/her lack of confidence in successfully executing them. Any reluctance due to lack of confidence can result into below average outcome of such interactions. On the other hand, having confidence has a high probability of improving them proportional to his/her confidence levels.

In other words, superiority bias helps a person to confidently execute interactions, which can optimize them by utilizing his capabilities to the maximum. E.g. there is a possibility of success when a man considering himself not to be up to the mark to marry a girl proposes her with confidence. His chances of marrying her would not have been the same without such confidence.

Relation between heart and mind

Besides abilities, it can also be about one’s physical attributes, personality, power, social connections, family, affiliations, children, country, clan, taste, etc. 

Without such inter-generation feature, the progress mankind has made would not have been possible. 

On the other side, it is also responsible for the ills of the society. Even when many people use it for its intended use, which is to optimize their goals by using it in the right way, its improper use can be avoided just by understanding its logic explained above, which can prevent its ill effects that has resulted into producing many Hitlers and Bin-Ladens in the society driven by their egotistic behaviours, which are motivated by their snowballing superiority bias.

Superiority bias works using the same logic as positive thinking, which is to optimize one’s interactions.

It is the very reason why sports and games exist and why everybody wants to win and succeed in sports and games, which are designed by the process of natural selection to promote it.

Although the origin, workings and purpose of superiority bias is not known, the phenomenon is also known as illusory superiority, better-than-average effect, or by the same name, i.e. superiority bias.

Superiority bias

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